Thursday, June 8, 2006

5 days and counting...

things i plan to do when i'm FINALLY done exams

1. finally read something that has nothing to do with the violation of human rights or political/social/economic opression.

2. go to the beach!! (it's supposed to be winter, but there's been a freakish change in weather which has left cape town warm and *gasp* not windy!)

3. do my hair (my locs are currently threatening to go on strike and just fall of my head if i don't do something but quick)

4. write proper emails to people that are still waiting for a reply (*waves sheepishly*)

5. write a proper blog entry (it's about damn time, i know)

6. give myself a pedicure

6. manage to do yoga for over 10 minutes without a) falling asleep b)losing interest/focus c) falling asleep again

7. get rid of all the clutter in both my physical space in mental space

8. dance!

9. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

10. meditate, without...see #6

and not necessarily in that order!

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