Monday, December 10, 2007

soooo funkdafied

today is SUCH a typical, funky monday. a monday of funk, if you will. i woke up listless and disoriented because i couldn't sleep til about 3am this morning due to ridiculous non-stop anxiety dreams. then i went to a meeting that never happened, and sat in front of my computer all day and wrote ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. a little window just popped up telling me the Microsoft Word is shutting down. Word is probably wondering why i've had it open all day and written nothing of substance, and has just decided to quit this b*tch and go on home. i'm with you, Word. i just want to go home and crawl into bed and wake up not feeling so funked up. it's just one of those 'bleh' days where no matter how hard i try to be all 'Secret' and visualize all kinds of good things, i keep delving back into a miserable state of blehness. but such is the monday funk. i just wish i hadn't been in this state of mind constantly since last monday. i have to force myself out it, somehow. but i'll do that tomorrow...when the forces of the funk aren't working against me.

oh! ipod just awesomely shuffled to monica's 'don't take it personal (just one of dem days)'!! haha. Word.

By Monica