Wednesday, October 1, 2008

we're [potentially] screwed

some think it ridiculous to live half a world away and be so invested in the outcome of an election in which we have no say. but one cannot ignore the fact that whatever happens in november will have a massive impact on the rest of us. and i live in fear of what may happen if Barack Obama does not become the next President.

last year, the Bush administration came up with the brilliant idea to launch Africom, about which i have already expressed trepidation, albeit in a rather perfunctory manner. the establishment of this military command was decided upon despite Africa's general outright resistance to the notion of consolidating American military presence on our territory--whatever 'good intentions' said command may claim to have. essentially, this is the image that comes to mind when i think of the recently fully operationalized Africom, which apparently "represents part of a new US strategy to engage with Africa":

i simply cannot help but conjure up images of the scramble for a continent, especially as part of America's strategy is to ward off Chinese influence in Africa.

the role played by and the impact of Africom will very much depend on the US administration and it's approach to foreign policy. and, um...if this [below] is an indication of what may be in store for us...we're screwed:

*blinks rapidly*
i'm just saying.
the next four years cannot be dominated by this kind of jackassery.



GURRRRRRLLLL!..if they win im packin ma bags....when shit hits the fan at least i'll be in Butare on some hill somewhere diggin a shelter..."gotcha journalism"??? im waitin for the beverly hillbillies to pop up somewhere.