Thursday, July 2, 2009

michael jackson: in memoriam

over the past week, we have been inundated with images of and words about michael jackson. it's expected that the shocking passing of such a loved/loathed/fascinating icon illicits such massive and widespread response. i've chosen to focus on the tributes to the man, the artist, the visionary. here are a few of the heartfelt tributes that touched me the most, over the past week:

jody watley's touching ode to a man and artist she truly loved and admired, in which she shares precious memories of michael, from her childhood years to the moment she'll never forget: "I remember thinking a piece of my own childhood went with you. I will always remember the time I had with you.May your deepest sadness be healed. May your soul now rest peace."

nelson george's piece (via in which he acknowledges the man's genius and warns against people's attempts to simplify such a complex life:
"To simply brand him a smooth criminal, as some have, or to overlook his tragic nature, as have others, is to deny his humanity."

ian kamau's personal tribute to the little black boy that profoundly influenced his young life:

"Rest in Peace big brother.. you were far from perfect but you were a force to be reckoned with and you influenced my life personally so much when I was growing up that I can't deny your power and your magic..."

in terms of musical tributes, the awesome High Heels and Hi Tops did all the work for me and has compiled the best musical remixes, covers, and tributes to MJ, here. i'm currently playing JPeriod's 'The Man or The Music' mixtape, constantly, as well as DJ Lioness' tribute mix.

he wanted to heal the world, but was in a constant struggle with self.
i hope his soul is finally at peace.