Tuesday, December 8, 2009

soul food: sade's 'soldier of love'

sade's first single from her forthcoming album, soldier of love, has made its debut. i loved it at first listen. once again, sade adu is working with stuart matthewman, andrew hale, and paul spencer denman--her longtime band (who also make up the band, sweetback)--and, once again, they have produced soulful perfection. she consistently gets better with time. i am amazed that both she and maxwell have been out of circulation for this long, and can effortlessly bring the awesome upon their return. truly, she need not make a lot of noise to make a grand entrance. i cannot wait for the rest of this album.




Joan said...

holy crap this is good!

Vizionheiry said...

Let's start saving for those tour tickets now? My friend predicts the nose bleeds will be $80.

(hope she comes by your way?!)