Friday, December 17, 2010

soul food: mike e + afroflow

an american born in ethiopia, mike-e is a spoken-word artist and emcee with something to say.


his album afroflow ii pays tribute to the fact that hip-hop flows from africa and his music is heavily influenced by the sounds of africa, in general and ethiopia in particular. 

in addition to being an incredible lyricist and poet, mike-e has also used his music to generate awareness and promote change and social responsibility both in america and in ethiopia.  his annual afroflow tour is a collaboration with the american cancer society and aims at engaging youth and families in the fight against cancer. in ethiopia, he has launched the christmas in ethiopia campaign which is raising funds to purchase uniforms, educational supplies, and gifts for children affected by HIV/AIDS. all proceeds from album sales in december will go to this fund. listen and buy the album, here

good music + art creating change = awesome.