Saturday, April 7, 2007


this month marks 13 years since the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda which took place over 100 days.

today, some of us remember.

today, all of us reflect.

today, we pray--for those gone, and for those left behind.

today, words alone do not suffice.

today, we pray that our generation will ensure the realization of "never again."

today, we acknowledge that what was done to some of us has an impact on all of us.

today, we accept responsiblity that we, as an international community, failed a people.

today, we realize that we are not alone.

today, we recognize that we are still not doing enough for others facing the same fate.

today, i pay tribute to the women and children victims of rape and sexual torture who continue the struggle to survive.

today is about the victims.

today is about the survivors.

today is about honoring memory.

today is about honoring faith, courage, and determination to persevere.

today is about hope

for tommorrow.