Wednesday, August 22, 2007

slowing my roll

like many people who work a [relatively] 9-5 job, the lunch hour is cherished as a time, non only to get one's eat on, as it were, but to run errands, shop, and--you know--get things done. if you happen to live in sao tome, however, it's better to put aside whatever kooky ludicrous (oh sweet lawd, i can't spell that word anymore! i GINUWINELY typed LUDACRIS first!!) notions you have of getting things done and just chill. because shops close from 12:30pm-3:30pm for lunch and what is referred to as a "pause," every day. and then they're only open from 9am-12:30pm on saturdays. this leaves you virtually NO TIME to get anything done. and if you've just moved into your new, empty as hell house with nothing but a suitcase and smile, it also explains why, now--five days later--you still don't have so much as tea kettle to call your own.

this blog was inspired by the hilarity of me rushing out of a meeting five minutes ago to buy house stuff, only to be reminded (again, cuz i always forget) that everything was about to shut down until late afternoon. so, i suppose, the only thing i can do now, is have lunch and just chill...[until the next episode].

when in the islands, y'all,...

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