Friday, March 6, 2009

inspired: celebrating africa

one of the loveliest discoveries i've made in a while: Celebrate Africa!

the project was started by two sisters, Chioma and Oluchi Ogwuegbu:

having had enough of 'images of starving children, stories of corrupt politicians, famines, etc,' they decided to embark on a road trip around africa in an attempt to 'celebrate all that is beautiful on the continent from her peoples to her cultures, languages and religions.'

their mission is to: 'contribute to changing the negative image of Africa and encourage Africans and the world to begin to see the beauty in the continent [and to] promote a sense of identity and unity for Africa’s people.'

a noble mission indeed. rather than complain about the lack of positive images of africa in the media, these women are actually doing something about changing these images. about shedding light on the positive aspects of this struggling continent. in addition, they're giving back to the countries that host them throughout this journey.

they now intend to visit 22 countries in Africa, by road, over the period of 15 months. they intend to volunteer for non-profit organizations in each country, and will film their journey along the way.

you can follow their blog on their site and check out the photos, as well.

this is something i've always wanted to do, but never had the courage.
for those who have never been to the continent, this is a beautiful introduction. for those of us who live here, it is a brilliant reminder.

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