Friday, March 6, 2009

Oscar Kamau Kingara

Kenyan Human Rights Activist Killed

BBC News A prominent human rights activist has been shot dead as he drove his car in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Oscar Kamau Kingara - an outspoken critic of the government's alleged practice of extra-judicial killings - was murdered along with a colleague.

There are reports of student clashes with police near where he was killed.

A UN report last week called for Kenya's top policeman and the attorney general to resign for failing to address police impunity.

Mr Kingara was shot dead near State House, the official residence of the Kenyan president.

Read more of the news story here: BBC NEWS.

Oscar Kamau Kingara was a lawyer who started a non-profit organization called the Oscar Foundation:

As an organization we invasion a society in which all persons shall demonstrate their commitment to children and young persons. Exercising vision and leadership to assert respect for the rights of the child and young persons especially within families and communities where such respect must begin.

The youths are educated to respect the rule of law, more so the foundation encourages the poor and the youth to seek justice through the law and due process and not through violence or any other unlawful means.
--Oscar Foundation--

through this foundation, he sought to empower those without voices, to ensure their active participation in the decision-making process. he focused on the promotion of legal literacy, especially the domestication of international laws, so that people--youth in particular--were aware of their legal rights and obligations. one of his key achievements has been the establishment of the Oscar Foundation Free Legal Aid Clinic Kenya (OFFLACK) which is a mobile legal aid and access to justice service. it is the first non-profit organization to provide legal aid and rescue service to sexually abused children to other victims of sexual violence by providing 24-hour rapid response lines.

The policy of the foundation is non violence and we stand by revolutionizing the NGO sector by conducting demonstration not on the streets but through the power of the pen.

his work and his dedication are an inspiration to us all. may his soul rest in peace.

Oscar Kamau Kingara, 1971-2009