Tuesday, April 28, 2009

soul food: maxwell returns

the interwebs is all a-buzz and a-twitter with news of maxwell's return.

i'm a little late to the party, actually, seeing as i've been awaiting said return (and declaring it to the world) for two years, now. i don't want to get too excited before i actually have an album in my hands. it's been ten years since his last release, and the wait has been a bit disheartneing, with all the false starts and announcements that never came to fruition. or that offered only mere glimpses of what was to come. the tour he embarked upon last year was brilliant, i hear. but it was merely a series of youtube clips for me, so--really--it's all about the album, kids. i want to buy it. and listen to it. with awesome headphones. while reading the liner notes and absent mindedly doodling 'negrita hearts max 4eva/mrs negrita max' on my trapper keeper. so i'm going to hold off all excitement until then.

that being said, who am i not to herald the official return!!?? made official, i suppose, by his appearance tonight on BET's 106&Park. there have been sneak previews, though. earlier in the month, maxwell tweeted a link to the full song 'pretty wings'...the snippet of which fans have been listening loyally to for over a year on his myspace page. and last week, he tweeted a series of titles which, as Vivrant Thang pointed out, must be the track list for the first album in the trilogy. i had noticed the same series of titles, but much earlier in the year, and wondered if that was a preview of what was to come. for me, however, the real comeback was the BET Awards perfomance:

so...despite the long wait...i am beyond excited.

tonight, maxwell debuts his first single, 'pretty wings' from his black summer's night trilogy.

watch it stream live at 6pm EST on http://www.musze.com/

(yes, i'm staying up to watch it.)
(no, i feel no shame.)

listen to it here:

(via dembycratic)

i don't know...just as i felt with sade's comeback...it's like he never left.

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