Thursday, May 7, 2009 this space...

negrita presents...gifted offspring of the ridiculously talented:

sky larrieux (13-year-old daughter of amel larrieux).
here she is performing radiohead's 'everything in its right place', with amel singing back up (thanks, Buttababy!):

and singer/songwriter india benét, a.k.a indy (16-year-old daughter of eric benét).
here she is performing a duet with her father--an a capella version of his song 'you're the only one':

check out indy's myspace page to listen to some of her original music. especially 'release'. methinks big t'ings soon come for these two. genetically blessed and with so much potential.

(p.s i remember when eric b's 'true to myself' video came out and india was, like, two years old. lawd, i feel old.)


KevinsTeeTee said...

Hey! Girl have you seen Eric Benet and India perform on Youtube? That girl definitely has a beautiful voice and if she wanted to go into a career she definitely has what it takes!

I didn't know Amiel had a 13 y/o daughter. Hell she doesn't even look that old. Good black don't crack!!