Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the justice myth

International Justice a Myth
The New Times (Kigali)
18 November 2008
Posted to the web 18 November 2008 Kigali

It's now over a week since the Director of State Protocol, Rose Kabuye was arrested and detained in Germany. And in all this time, just a handful of countries have condemned this terrible act and abuse of Rwandans.

While Barack Obama was making history as the first African American President, the Europeans were thinking of a petty version of their own; arresting a government official entitled to full diplomatic immunity.

Probably, a first in history, too.

One might be tempted to forgive France, given its terrible history as far as foreign relations, especially with African states, are concerned. However, it's harder to fathom Germany, which has a holocaust in its history and the rest of the so called Developed countries that are just watching as such grave injustice takes place.

Renowned scholar and historian, Professor Ali Mazrui, once said of France, as always attempting to create other 'Frances' in the countries it occupies.
That the French will have no problem with anyone or any country as long as French mannerisms are adopted. A deviation in these mannerisms is faced with unimaginable brutality.

Algeria and Rwanda have once suffered France's brutality. The French attempted to totally destroy their 'little France' in Algeria as they fled the country in its fight for independence.

The 1994 Tutsi Genocide is another horrible testimony of the lengths France will go to to mete its revenge. It's actually very brave of Djibouti to consider taking up English as another of its official languages. France must be seething.

All this time, the developed nations and 'super powers' kept at arms' length; preferring not to meddle in France's affairs. One then is forced to wonder about this reality of International Justice and like President Paul Kagame, one believe it's a myth.

The only way this myth will be undone is by all nations that believe in International Justice speaking and acting strongly against what Germany and France have done; arresting a diplomat, liberator, mother and innocent woman, Rose Kabuye.

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