Thursday, November 13, 2008

negrita *hearts*...

i *heart* the concept and the fire behind this project. africa from a different perspective.

Pop'Africana is a bi-annual magazine.

It is printed in a medium format and highly visually driven.

A new visually captivating project that has just been launched by a few creatives. Founded and visually directed by Oroma Elewa, Pop'Africana is a collaborative effort which aims to re-introduce and re-define all aspects of "Art Africano" . Not only will the magazine aim to re-educate the globe on African ideas of style and individualism it also aims to serve as a robust, visual guide for understanding the "Africano pshyce" from an all inclusive perspective. Pop'Africana sets the standard for iconic style and individualism.




Qué? said...

Yep. Love it too. Oromo's blog is pretty cool too. Raw and honest.

Oromo's vision makes you think about what is African and what is not. She pushes the boundaries and I think that is good, necessary and inevitable.

But I wonder what Africans (both in the villages and cities; rich and poor; travelled and local) here would think about it all, how/if it represents them (or should) and if they would get it.

I hope so. I want it to work. Best contribution to Afropolitan culture this year... besides Asa!

negrita said...

that's the's certain most africans won't get it or think it's representative of them. but i think that's the point: it's just yet another facet of a very complex, multi-layered continent and people.