Tuesday, November 18, 2008

soul food: k'naan ABC's

i have yet to re-master the art of multitasking. this is evident in the fact that i've seriously been slackin' on my bloggin'. in attempt to grow re-accustomed to posting on the regular, i am going to try to put up a 'soul food' and/or 'food for thought' post at least once a day. and sometimes it's just going to be a random Song o' the Day (SOTD): whatever is stuck on heavy rotation in my dome.
today is a double feature: nourishment for both mind and soul:

artist: the genius K'naan
album: Troubador (January 2009)



Gnawledge said...

Knaan - ABCs (Gnawledge Remix) –> free mp3 download


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